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Writing a thesis paper is a laborious and difficult task, bit at the same time its quality usually has a decisive influence on your overall grade and your grade might have a decisive influence in your future career opportunities. We can support you by taking all the stressful side works like grammar, flawless expression, formatting, composition of a list of references, research etc. from your shoulders, so that you can fully concentrate on the scientific core of your thesis paper while having the good feeling that you can be sure that all the side issues will be cared for in perfect quality.

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Our trained interpreters with specialist knowledge for your concerns guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction.
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speak2 offers certified translations for all languages. These translations are fully accepted for any kind of official purposes in all German federal states as well as worldwide with the respective legalisations from the competent courts or embassies. With our core team we can deliver translations for all major languages within 1-3 days, exotic languages usually take a little longer.

About Us

Speak2 was founded in 2000 and helps many customers both in Germany and abroad to overcome their language barriers. We are a team of sworn interpreters and translators who have expertise in many areas.


How can I get a price quote?

Just send us your document either by fax, mail, email or personally and you will receive a quote from us. Usually within 1-2 hours.

Do you really offer certified translations for all languages?

Yes, with our extensive partner network of reliable certified translators, we are able to deliver certified translations for all languages.

What is a certified translation?

Any translation which bears the signature and seal of a certified translator (Ermächtigter Übersetzer) is regarded as certifid translation and is accepted in all German federal states.

How is the price calculated?

The price is usually calculated based on standard lines (1 standard line = 55 characters incl. spaces).

Do I still need to present the original document together with the translation, or is it now enough to you send/present the certified translation to the respective authority?

This strongly depends on the position of the respective authority. We always attach a copy of the translated pages of the original document to our translation and explicitly note that we have translated based on the original document presented to us (if applicable). So that in many cases the original document will not have to be presented. But if in doubt it is always advisable to consult the respective authority.

I have a translation from/into a language which does not use the Latin alphabet, what do I have to observe?

When translating from/into non-Latin alphabets sometimes the spelling of names is ambiguous. To avoid problems please always indicate the correct spelling of all names in the respective documents in the target language.

I need several copies of the translation, how much do extra copies cost?

We only charge a small administration fee for additional certified copies.

I have a question which has not been answered by this FAQ

No problem, just contact us via phone: +49 5251 2930093 , E-Mail: info@speak2.de or personally at our Paderborn office.

I want you to translate my documents, what are the next steps?

Just inform us that you want us to begin the work and we will inform how fast we can finish the work. Then we either send you the translation by mail or you come to our office to collect it. Please note that we must note on the certified translation that the translation was made based on a copy if you did not present the original documents to us. You may also present the documents to us, when collecting them.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir auf der beglaubigten Übersetzung vermerken müssen , falls die Übersetzung auf der Grundlage einer Kopie gemacht worden ist. Für den Fall, dass Sie uns nicht die Originaldokumente gegeben haben. Sie können uns auch die Dokumente zustellen, wenn sie diese bearbeiten.

How long will it take?

Usually we are quite fast, 24-72h, but for more exotic languages or more extensive translations longer translation times may be required.

Is the translation really accepted all over Germany?

Yes, although every federal state has its own laws in regard to state certified translators, there is an accord between all federal states that they committ to mutually recognising the respective certified documents from the other states.

I need the translation for abroad, will it be accepted?

Yes, usually certified translations from Germany are also accepted abroad, although if in doubt it might be a good idea to ask the respective foreign office first. Still in order to be effective abroad the signature of the translator must be verified by the local higher regional court where the translator is registered. This process is called „legalisation“ or „apostillisation“.

How can I get the apostille?

The apostille can be obtained at the higher regional court of the city the respective translator is registered in. The usual fee is 20€, if you like we can also obtain the apostille for you.

My document was already notarised, has an apostille do I still need the certified translation?

The notarisation/apostille in this case is connected to the legal validity of the original document and is not connected to the translation. So yes, you still need the legalisation/apostille for the translated document.

Other Languages

With the help of our network of qualified translators and interpreters, we can help you find the right translator for any language.
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